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Cooper (formerly Lester) joined our family earlier this year in Feb (2021). We could not be happier with him! He is smart, sweet and full of energy! He is such a cuddler and very, very loyal. We are also super happy that he does not shed at all! 

Cooper is a few days shy from being 9months old and weighs approx 25lbs which Elson said he would weigh about 30lbs when fully grown. 

We get stopped a lot and asked where we got Cooper and I'm always referring them to Golden Paw Pets- Elson & Leah were very informative and helpful when we were trying to pick Cooper out from his litter mates. And very impressed with their farm and where they keep all the pups..


First time mini goldendoodle owner and so happy we chose this breed & Golden Paw! 


“our new puppy Quinn has been such a perfect addition to our family. I was a little nervous before getting her that she may arrive anxious from her flight, sick, or that she may have behavioral issues. However, she arrived so happy and healthy and has been such a sweetheart! She is very social, great with all people from babies to tall men, and is so smart. She’s already learned 6 tricks in the 2 months we’ve had her! Thank you Golden Paw for our perfect goldendoodle girl!”


Quinn is a little over 1 year old now and she is SUCH a good girl! All she wants is love, cuddles, and belly rubs. Her personality has really started to bloom and she is such a happy mix of silliness and affectionate. She is an absolute dream and makes us so happy! My family picks on me for how spoiled she is, but she is so heartwarmingly perfect that we can’t help it. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup and I think she’s very happy with us too. Thank you for completing our little family!  

- Halee Barlow


We wanted to give you an update on Toby (formerly Brent).  He weighed 18.6 lbs at his last vet visit a couple of weeks ago.  He is healthy, active, and a growing boy!  He will be 4 months old this week and he had his first grooming appointment 2 weeks ago.  He really enjoyed the bath and trim, and the groomers fell in love with him.  When we returned to pick him up, all of the other dogs there were barking and carrying on, but Toby was sitting patiently and proud as a peacock in his crate. Hope this finds you well.  Don is definitely enjoying his new companion.  


Kind regards,


Don Blum and Rebekah Beiting

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.09.41 PM.png

Couldn't ask for a better dog than my Yeti! He's about 10 months old now and he's energetic, high spirited, loving, and he barely sheds at all. Not super hypoallergenic, too much aussie in him probably, but he's less than other dogs! Oh and smaaaart, he's a super clever dude who picks up on training really fast (when he wants to!). The ultimate cuddle bug, great with all people and every dog he's met so far! Thanks again!

-Scott R.


We wanted to say thank you again to you, Elson, and Leah for rounding out our family with Renly (Dakota)!  He is the sweetest, most adorable baby boy.  And he really loves his new big brother, Ozzie.  Renly has the sweetest disposition—even in puppy mode— and is so smart and trainable. Elson and Leah were delightful—they allowed my daughter and me to come up and meet all the puppies before making a decision.  The farm is beautiful and we enjoyed getting to know them.  We wanted to take all the puppies home!  We highly recommend Golden Paw Pets to anyone looking for a fur baby. The responsiveness, price, and care are top-notch.  Here are some pics of Renly during our first week together. 
- Amy Murphy


In 2019 I met by phone Elson from Golden Paw. He was very nice to speak with and very knowledgeable about his pups. I put a down payment on a new pup even before his momma was pregnant. He was born March 27th 2020 and now is almost a year old. During the time waiting for him to be old enough Elson kept me updated on him and sent many photos while we watched him grow.In May we flew from Arizona to Indiana to pick up our new addition to our family. I was so excited to meet our puppy I named him Fabhar. The puppies are raised on a beautiful extremely well kept farm by such a lovely family Elson and Leah. They take such amazing loving care for these lucky pups. Fabhar has been a blessing for our family as well as meeting these incredible and kind people. You can feel the love and care they received the moment they are in your arms. I am happy to call them my friends and stay in touch. Fabhar came with his shots and a clean bill of health. I will only get my next Goldendoodle from Elson. Thank you!

-  Julie Lopez


Elson and Leah are wonderful individuals who take the time to truly ensure you have a happy, healthy pup! We visited their home where their pets are raised and were impressed with the cleanliness, socialization, and friendliness of all their animals. We ended up taking home Finn, (formerly Kobe), at 8 weeks and it was one of the best decisions we have made! He’s now six months old and is an extremely happy, healthy puppy who loves to play! He's currently in training to become a therapy dog for our local middle school!  I would definitely recommend Elson and Leah to anyone looking for a new addition to the family, and we are already talking about picking up another one of their puppies so Finn can have a playmate!

- Michael and Rebecca Gagliardi


My husband and I are in our 60s and have never owned a dog, but we fell in love with one of Elson and Leah’s goldendoodles!  Now we are first-time pet owners and our little guy brings a lot of joy to our empty nest!  He is sweet and friendly and very smart.  We call him “Velcro” because he is so affectionate.  I never thought I’d see my husband cuddling a dog, but the pictures tell the story.  Elson is very knowledgeable and runs a nice operation – highly recommended.

- Gary and Susan Mosey


Hey it’s Jordan. 


Just an update on Brodi.


He’s an energetic and extremely smart puppy. Loves to play and whenever he’s not running around with me he can be found napping. 


He was extremely easy to train and is undeniably loyal. And I can’t say enough good things about Goldenpawpets. All of his vaccines were done well before we picked him up and we were given his vet history in a folder as well. 


Thanks to goldenpawpets for completing my little family, I can’t recommend them enough! 

If you are a past client of ours please send us your updates and testimonials.  We would love to share the pictures of your puppy and the story of how you came to know us. 

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